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Published 20 December 2021

The MeetingsInn commission policy refers to the ‘Price’ as outlined in our Provider Terms and Conditions

Price” means a commission charge which is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of each Booking Agreement (inclusive of VAT) which shall be retained by us by deducting such commission charge from the Booking Payment

The Price (Commission) shall be deducted by us directly from the Booking Payment at the time of Booking.

MeetingsInn offers a range of commission rates which are applied to each pub(s) according to an agreement with our Providers (i.e. the pubs listed on the web site)

Level 1: 18% commission

  • This is our default commission rate and is applied to pubs where enquiries are managed on-site, typically via email and telephone messages
  • Level 1 is our most ‘hands-on’ service and doesn’t require any booking platform or automated system to be used
  • Level 1 allows pubs to take meetings bookings without a dedicated sales management resource


Level 2: 14% commission

  • This level is offered to pubs that employ a dedicated sales enquiry / management resource and use a booking platform
  • The sales enquiry / management resource would be one of or a combination of:
    1. An on-site sales executive or manager who is responsible for responding to enquiries and planning booked events
    2. A centrally managed booking service or ‘desk’ that supports the pub with booking enquiries
    3. An outsourced booking service or ‘desk’ that supports the pub with booking enquiries
  • Enquires would typically be directed to the dedicated sales resource who would then be responsible for ensuring the pubs were able to deliver the booking

Level 3: 12% commission

  • Our lowest level of commission is for pubs that offer full integration to a booking platform that allows MeetingsInn to make bookings in a Live Booking environment
  • MeetingsInn would be able to make, amend and cancel bookings online without the need to go through a sales desk or on-site resource


Drop-in Meetings: 0%

  • For any pub listed with a meeting room on, we will deliver drop-in meeting enquires with no commission
  • All enquiries will be directed to an agreed email Inbox (either at the pub or via a central desk) to be responded to the Customer directly

Each pub listed on MeetingsInn will be allocated their commission level.  The commission level will also be outlined on the Booking Confirmation Email that MeetingsInn sends out as part of our booking management service.

To discuss the commission level for a specific pub(s), please contact us via

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