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ooking for a point of difference? Everyone does, especially the meetings and events bookers you are hoping to attract. That is exactly why here at MeetingsInn we have partnered with the Meetings Industry Association (mia) to negotiate a vastly reduced membership rate for our members.

Working closely with them, this mia Membership and Accreditation specifically the AIM Secure Accreditation has been geared towards pubs and inns to give you, your team and your pub the ultimate seal of approval and set you apart.

For £125 (+VAT) per venue you will get all the following and more:

  • AIM Secure Accreditation
    Successful achievement will reflect that your pub delivers first-class service and facilities, while committed to upholding legal compliance, health, and hygiene protocols.
  • miaTouchstone
    This remarkable platform will enable you to harness the benefits of benchmarking, customer feedback, access customer satisfaction and storage of legal compliance documents.
  • Events
    Access to a myriad of events to appeal to a wide variety of individuals within your business and additional networking opportunities to share ideas.
  • Knowledge Hub and Members Directory
    Opportunity to dive into the very latest industry news and be part of the celebrated mia Members Directory.

Many bookers are increasingly looking for venues that offer quality assurance. In fact, a number of large blue-chip organisations and government bodies will not even consider putting venues on their preferred list unless they are mia and AIM accredited.

Stand apart and be noticed with the mia membership – make the difference today! 

What will mia Membership give you:

  • AIM Secure Accreditation
  • miaTouchstone
  • Events
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Members Directory

Make your venue stand apart from the competition.

JOIN mia now for just £125 (+VAT) per venue, per annum

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