What went on at the inaugural Discovery Forum?

The MeetingsInn Discovery Forum explored why pubs make great meeting venues with a diverse group of Meeting Bookers & Pubs. What went on?


The inaugural MeetingsInn Discovery Forum took this powerful question and explored what it really meant to the diverse group of Meeting Bookers, Meeting Planners and Pub Groups in this interactive session.

And it certainly raised some interesting thoughts and views.

But the overall consensus was they absolutely do! With the over-riding feeling being that pubs can offer everything a more traditional meeting venue can deliver; and in fact add even more into the mix too. Be it the nature of the location, the amazing food and beverage, the intrigue of the history of the pub…and more.

All it takes is having the commitment to making corporate meetings work. Specifics highlighted included:

  • Making your pub imagery really showcase what you offer and do – getting this right will attract the bookers and in turn their corporate customers
  • Take time to ensure the team understand what your offering is by communicating with them and making sure they undergo the relevant training
  • Deliver a consistent service quality, every time for every meeting
  • Get the Service Level Agreements right from the very first interaction by responding promptly to enquiries through to clear and accurate invoicing post the event
  • Determine the nature of commission from the outset, so both parties have complete transparency

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