Why are pubs right for meetings?

It is always a great time to connect physically with people and have face to face meetings. But why are pubs the perfect choice?

Anytime is a great time to connect physically with people and have those face to face meetings. Be it to get the senior managers together, an employee engagement opportunity or an ideal time to do a combined business update and some team building.

Time to shake it all up and broaden the scope of where you choose for your business meetings?


Where a place is can make all the difference! But if you are looking for somewhere a little more intriguing and are keen to adopt a more relaxed style, then a pub meeting venue will tick many boxes. What’s more the choice is extensive (as there are pubs all over the UK!), so there’s bound to be somewhere in the ideal location.

How suitable is a pub for a meeting?

Little subtleties come into play when searching for an off-site business meeting venue. A pub is a great option as it offers a super relaxed, flexible environment where people can really open their minds. In fact, they may potentially engage more than they might in a hotel meeting room!

What sort of facilities do you need?

Moving away from the traditional meetings venues doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the facilities or technology available. Pub meeting places are just as likely to offer that all-important parking, accessibility and topped off with great refreshments. Obviously, they also work well as a great socialising opportunity to get to know fellow team members outside of work. And if you want to stretch the session, then some even have overnight accommodation too.

What about finding a meeting venue in just a few days?

No problem with a pub meeting venue! With such a myriad of options, in various locations; finding a meeting venue at short notice is simple.  In fact, you just might find something a little more unusual with some hidden quirks that everyone loves and remembers you for booking!

Where can I find something more unusual for team building?

Just being off-site can make all the difference. But if you are looking for some extra space or want people to step away from it all, then a brilliant outdoor area or pub garden certainly delivers. Or you may want to use some space to run a team building exercise or fun workshop – many pub meeting venues have the perfect extra space available.

Then at the end of the day, what better way to finish it all off, than heading off to the bar or restaurant! Now, obviously, we would say that MeetingsInn can offer all this and more, but don’t just take our word for it, as one customer recently commented:

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to arrange a meeting with my senior team for a face to face last week.  Having used MeetingsInn before I was aware that they offered reasonably price, pub venues which was exactly the sort of atmosphere I required for our day.  The tool itself is very easy to use, but what is better is the service behind the tool.”

“Using a pub is a lot less formal than a hotel and generally those pubs that are willing to offer some corporate space generally have really high levels of service too.  It’s not something you always get in a larger property, especially when you are a smaller group sandwiched between larger conferences. I say give a pub venue a try!”

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